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Chinese Herbs

chinese herbs


How does herbal medicine work?

Herbal medicines can do most of the same things as western pharmaceutical drugs: there are analgesics that treat pain; antihypertensives for lowering blood pressure; hormonal regulators that affect thyroid function, menstruation and fertility; antacids for heartburn and GERD; etc. We also have some medicines to treat colds, flu and other infections very effectively. One of the special benefits of herbal medicine is that side-effects are almost always beneficial: many patients report that in addition to relieving their main symptom, one or several other issues also improve.

How do I take the herbal medicine?

I prescribe herbs primarily in tincture, and occasionally in pills. I have found that tinctures are most effective and easy to use. Tinctures are made using organic grape alcohol as the medium. The herbal tincture is taken once or twice daily with warm water. Herbal medicine is prescribed for as long as your condition persists, and sometimes preventively after you are asymptomatic.

Where do the herbs come from? 

Most of my herbs are from China, some are from the US, and some are from my own back yard. I order my herbs in bulk from Spring Wind Herbs or Mayway. Both suppliers have excellent quality control testing for herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, and they reject any batches that exceed safe limits. Some of the herbs in my pharmacy are certified organic, as are any grown in my yard. I use certified organic alcohol from Marian Farms.