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"I had been suffering with an unexplainable pain in my thigh and with no modern medicine relief from it. I had some other ailments, upper and lower back. I don't like taking doctor prescribed drugs and I was tired of taking any over the counter pain medication and really wanted to stop taking them altogether. My daughter encouraged me to give Ross Lake Acupuncture a try. I was a bit skeptical when I first came in as I had never done acupuncture before. Now a few months later, I am pleased to say I believe. As I can walk again without pain in my thigh, rise in the morning with out constant upper and lower back pain. Best of all I no longer take any pain medications. Ross has been the key to this. His kind, sensitive and gentle approach to healing has been beneficial to me in sustaining a pain free life."  

-Jan Hildreth

"I firmly attribute my good health and well-being today to Ross Lake.  Before finding Ross’s Chinese Medicine practice I suffered from six months of angioedema, severe digestive disorder, and hormone dysregulation, and saw over a dozen specialists, including Mayo Clinic, with no comprehensive diagnosis or effective remedy.  After four acupuncture treatments from Ross, the swelling subsided and my digestive issues began to resolve.  Ross was the first practitioner to explain the intricate relationship between the digestive system and the nervous system.  His understanding of the microsystems within the human body is phenomenal and the results from his treatments are profound.  He is also an excellent herbalist with a wealth of knowledge about Chinese herbs and nutrition benefits.  On another layer, his weekly Qi Gong classes are a distillation of his health-giving insight and warm, congenial spirit. Ross is a compassionate practitioner who truly cares about his patients, and we are blessed to have him in our community."

"I ride horses, am an artist, and meditation teacher. I am completely enthusiastic about the Qi Gong lessons and acupuncture therapy which I receive from my friend, Ross Lake. As a doctor, he is really the best. He listens, is fully able to concentrate on the healing energies, and really heals, with no drugs. He has assisted and guided me to greatly improve a long chronic situation from chemical sensitivity. He is very capable in the field of nutrition, a great organic gardener, and also can provide Chinese herbal tinctures and herbs. When I first began treatment from Ross, I was recovering from a serious broken leg. I could barely walk 1/4 mile. Now, I am able to power walk 1 mi, uphill, and zoom back down the hill, trotting. On my walks I love to practice Qi Gong. Ross is not only a tremendous help for acute and chronic situations with acupuncture, but he can actually teach you to uphold and promote your own health with the wonderful Qi Gong classes that he teaches. Ross has really inspired me, and is teaching us to heal ourselves."
-Gene Avery North